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Converting needs to value!


Thanks to our customers – who accept us as partners in the elaboration of their solutions and constantly find new challenges for us – we have been able to continually extend our spectrum of offerings over the past years. During this time we succeeded in establishing a quality standard – the brand name IHR.


For us, technology is pure passion. It is the foundation and central point on which all our activities are focused. Inventive spirit, optimal reaction to market trends, flexibility, and solution-oriented thinking and action are the significant descriptors of our competencies.


Nowadays, integrated solutions with sustainable added value are decisive in matching the expectations of our customers and their products. We have recognized that success means being able to understand and consistently satisfy our customers’ needs.


What we are today is an indication of what we have achieved and experienced up till now, but not of what our potential is. Show character – tackle the problem – have the courage to be different. This is what makes us successful. And that’s why we have set our goal on being a technology leader in the field of vehicle communication.



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